Our strategy is moving in the following directions:

1. We constantly invest in the value of the company.

Value for a pharmaceutical company is its human potential. The obligations we undertake are great, and this requires very competent staff that actively participates.

We believe that the evolution of our associates also entails the development of the company. That's why we create a corporate environment that is strictly meritocratic but also flexible to release the creative power of the team. Each member of the team gives daily the best of himself with joy, security, and confidence in the company's management. As a complete human being is willing to do the best.

2. Invest in existing partnerships that have supported us so far.

We know that successful partnerships are those that not only create mutual benefit but are stable and rely on the solid foundations of long-lasting relationships. We are always looking for the right solutions to the complex demands of our sector. So, we gain the trust of new collaborators and we are developing new strategic partnerships with pharmaceutical companies from around the world.

3. We observe Greek and international legislation.

The framework of our strategy is the daily monitoring of national and international legislation as our subject is - and rightly - governed by complex regulations that are constantly updated. At PHARMAHOUSE, we never risk our own efforts or those of our associates for the sake of "speed".

4. We invest significant resources in the successful handling of time.

The reason is simple. The time factor affects the cost, that is, our growth. We consider the time of exhaustive study as an important factor of all the parameters that will judge the success of a project, as well as the time of execution and reaction to last minute changes. We control these difficulties with the knowledge and experience of our people.

5. We distribute the information effectively.

We have a responsibility to distribute all the information that experts need for the safe and effective use of our medicines.

We are there every day to support with our knowledge the successes of our associates - these are our success!

6. We are active members of society.

The medicine, as an entrepreneurial activity, has one more special feature: it exposes us to the social arena. Our vision is fairer access to health. In a particularly adverse environment, with enormous needs, our participation must be equally supportive. That is why we reward the voluntary action of our human resources. Detecting the confidence of society by enforcingfinancially supporting non-profit institutions dealing with patient care, support for citizens' information and awareness campaigns and humanitarian action.