Responsibility ... This is the keyword that characterizes our philosophy. This was the compass in our business activity and our future plans. That's why we have established it as our corporate motto.


Responsibility is our exclusive guide at all stages, in all areas of activity of the company.


With the personal involvement of everyone in our corporate activity and with the most rigorous internal processes and practices of responsibility, which the company demands from its human resources, we ensure excellent results for the patient.


At PHARMAHOUSE, we believe that our responsibility is not limited to effective and safe medicine. It also extends to upgraded care to doctors and patients - a key concern for everyone in an environment that is burdened daily by human suffering.


Of course, the philosophy of accountability that we represent is not wasted in the narrow context of our corporate-business activity.


Detecting the trust of society by enforcing financially supporting of non-profit institutions dealing with patient care, support for citizens' information and awareness campaigns and humanitarian action.


In addition, awareness of nature is one of our characteristics, so hybrid cars are used by PHARMAHOUSE’s people. For the same reason, the company does not print its promotional material but has it with all the information in detail on its website. And of course, it recycles printed matter and printer inks.


We know that one of the most valuable tools for achieving our goals is the reputation we built with the trust of our associates and for this, we honor them with responsibility and transparency. We have earned the title of Healthcare Partner, and this is an important achievement.