PHARMAHOUSE employees are the ones who every day gives their best to maintain and improve the quality that the company stands for.

Apart from the pre-requisite knowledge and skills of the employee, his "social intelligence" is extremely important to us: his ability to be honest, conscious, communicate, team-oriented and adaptable.

To ensure the healthy development of our team at PHARMAHOUSE, we apply the following policy:

  • We consider courtesy as a prerequisite.
  • We are consistent and predictable in our own work as well as in our overall behavior.
  • Our responsibility is not limited to each individual sector.
  • We share responsibilities and responsibility for the outcome.
  • We recognize only one personal development model: meritocratic.
  • We ensure that all colleagues understand that the success of each individual goal determines overall the success of PHARMAHOUSE.
  • We give every new employee the necessary time for adaptation and training to incorporate the principles, mentality, mission and company goals.
  • We inform employees about performance, problems and new company goals to enhance the team spirit and consciousness of our mission.

PHARMAHOUSE considers it necessary to pass this policy to its employees, who in turn are called upon to convey these values and their experience to new colleagues. Feeding into community with "new blood" is a vital investment with long-lasting performance. We all know that we are equally critical in achieving our common goals, successes, ultimately our own development.



Your interest in becoming a member of our family honors us. If you would like to join PHARMAHOUSE, please submit your resume at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Human Resources Division of your company will receive your resume and will contact you as soon as there is a job opening.