PHARMAHOUSE is a purely Greek pharmaceutical company that takes into consideration the environment and the peculiarities of the Greek market. It imports and distributes medicines that fight Central Nervous System Disorders - essential in the healing process.

PHARMAHOUSE was created by people with many years of experience in the field of medicines that have invested significant financial resources but at the same time accentuate on the right human resources. Basic principle: the practice of good and business ethics. These results established the company as a healthy and credible business entity.

Another reason of PHARMAHOUSE’s success is its specialization. Developments in each specialty often outweigh the capabilities of a single company.


We’ve learned to focus on developments but, above all, we've learned to ... listen! We gather thoroughly and systematically every single information. Innovation begins by listening to the people who participates in the company, and of course, the experience that our partners transmit to us every day.

In order to meet the needs of our patients, we must primarily understand the daily symptoms of their illnesses. We are in constant dialogue with the physician and his patients, especially when it occur "silent illnesses", socially stigmatized, which makes patients wary of trusting and talking about their experiences.

We create a climate of confidence to identify the problems and suggest the right solutions. Through an endless circular process, we are always up to date and efficient. We owe it to our patients, our partners, and our people.